Misión de la Iglesia y Doctrina social de la Iglesia

 In the last months and especially with the announcements of the Synod on the New Evangelization and the beginning of the Year of Faith, Pope Benedict has invited us to deepen on the New Evangelization.

The Pope invites us to a new evangelization to evangelize today’s society. “With its social doctrine, the Church takes charge of the announcement that the Lord has entrusted to it, updates the message of liberation and redemption of Christ in the historical events, the Gospel of the Kingdom.” The Church, proclaiming the Gospel, teaches man, in the name of Christ, his own dignity and his vocation to the communion of people, and he discovers the demands of justice and peace, in conformity with divine wisdom, to evangelize the social sphere means to infuse into the hearts of men load of meaning and liberation of the Gospel, to promote a society tailored to man in so far as it is, according to Christ: to build a city of man more human because it is more in conformity with the Kingdom of God. (Ibid no. 63)


Faced with these dangers in today’s world, the Church must propose a new evangelization and what are its essential components: a convincing presentation of a Christian vision of man and society; formation of lay leaders engaged in public debate with a strong critical sense in the face of the dominant culture and to counteract those who want to delegitimize the Church’s participation in the fundamental issues of each country. Another component is catechesis at all levels, which must contain the vision and objectives of the new Evangelization. In addition, the permanent formation of the laity is necessary to give public testimony of their faith, especially in the face of the great moral questions of our time: respect for God’s gift of life,

“Social doctrine is an integral part of the evangelizing ministry of the Church, everything that concerns the community of men (situations and problems related to justice, liberation, development, relations between peoples, peace), it is not alien to evangelization, it would not be complete if it did not take into account the mutual connection that is constantly presented between the Gospel and the concrete, personal and social life of man … Social doctrine has in itself the value of a instrument of evangelization and is developed in the ever renewed encounter between the Gospel message and human history, that is why this doctrine is a peculiar path for the exercise of the ministry of the Word and of the prophetic function of the Church.for the Church to teach and spread social doctrine belongs to its evangelizing mission and is an essential part of the Christian message, since this doctrine exposes its direct consequences in the life of society and frames even the daily work and struggles for justice in the testimony to Christ the Savior “(Ibid, nos. 66-68).