Mission of the Church in culture is to keep searching for the truth

The Church considers its priority mission in today’s culture to keep awake the search for truth affirms the Pope 

In his speech this morning to the world of culture at the Cultural Center of Belém in Lisbon, Pope Benedict XVI noted that “the Church considers its priority mission in today’s culture to keep awake the search for truth”. 

The Holy Father began his speech by making a diagnosis of today’s culture, which reflects, he explained, “an ‘tension’ between the present and the tradition, which sometimes takes the form of ‘conflict.’ The dynamics of society it absolutizes the present, isolating it from the cultural heritage of the past and without the intention of projecting a future “.

“This ‘conflict’ between tradition and the present is expressed in the crisis of truth, but only this can guide and trace the course of a successful existence, as an individual or as a people, in fact, a people that stops knowing which it is its own truth, it ends up losing itself in the labyrinth of time and history, without well-defined values, without clearly stated big objectives “.

“Dear friends, it remains to make a great effort to learn the way in which the Church is placed in the world, helping society to understand that the announcement of truth is a service that it offers, opening new horizons for the future, In fact, the Church has “a mission of truth that must be fulfilled in every time and circumstance in favor of a society (…) For the Church, this mission of truth is inalienable,” said the Holy Father. 

Benedict XVI warned later that “for a society formed mainly by Catholics, and whose culture has been deeply marked by Christianity, it is dramatic to try to find the truth outside of Jesus Christ”.

After commenting that the Church seeks dialogue in the truth and therefore the Holy See is present in various international organizations, the Pope indicated that “taking into account cultural diversity, it is necessary to ensure that people not only accept the existence of the culture of the another, but also aspire to enrich themselves with it and offer what is good, true and beautiful “. 

“Dear friends, the Church considers her priority mission in today’s culture to keep awake the search for the truth and, consequently, for God, to lead people to look beyond the penultimate things and to search for the latter. I invite you to deepen in the knowledge of God, in the same way that he has revealed himself in Jesus Christ for our full realization “. 

“Do beautiful things, but above all, turn your lives into places of beauty, intercede for you Saint Mary of Bethlehem, venerated for centuries by the navigators of the ocean and today by the navigators of Good, Truth and Beauty”, concluded.