The Catholic Church: Black history, sinister present – (Part 1)


The accumulated power, political and economic, and its ideological influence on thousands of beings lacking in critical consciousness, still allows medieval behavior

Since when?

The Roman Catholic Church has existed for about 2,000 years. It is an organization that has been given the task of convincing its followers to be the possessor of the truth. Both the truth about God, and that of being the instrument in charge of fulfilling the purposes of God. Moreover, it assumes as one of its functions to achieve through evangelization a world in which all people are practicing Roman Catholics.

How has it been?

To review the history of the Catholic Church is to recount atrocities, excesses and abuses that have been accompanied according to different times, by conquering armies, by fascist governments, by ignominious dictatorships or by economic powers. The church itself has an overwhelming economic power. It has one of the greatest riches in the world. The Vatican Bank or Institute of Religious Works is an example of this.

Corruption also prevails in this organization: The American Cardinal Paul Marcinkus, became famous with the fraudulent bankruptcy of Banco Ambrosiano. Marcinkus, as demonstrated by the Italian prosecutor, in his capacity as director of the Vatican Bank, had weaved strong ties with business sectors and the Italian and North American mafia, such as the masonic lodge “P-2”, which had allowed him to wash money for ten years. A “representation” of these facts can be seen in the movie The Godfather III. In fact, in the 1980s a judicial investigation undressed the financing of the mafia by Italian politicians, especially representatives of the Christian Democrats. Of course, Marcinkus was subjected to an ephemeral pre-trial detention. This is one of many examples.

Another effective department within the Church is Opus Dei, a pseudo-secret and very powerful anticommunist wing of Spanish origin created by the priest José María Escrivá de Balaguer in 1928. Its primary objective is to end the secular state, for this it uses the recruitment of followers among business and political elites who, once inside, are statutorily prohibited from recognizing their affiliation publicly. The influence of Opus Dei has grown vigorously within the Church, especially during the papacy of John Paul II in whose election the role of this lodge was decisive.

The Holy Inquisition, the macabre Tribunal of the Holy Office, institutions that still endure under the striking name of the Doctrine of the Faith, and led at the time by the current Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger, right hand of John Paul II) are a sample of the true spirit of this organization. The theology of Liberation in Latin America was crushed by this chapter of the Church following direct orders of the “saint” John Paul II, another deity of Neoliberalism.

This, not only defended the free market among other things, but legitimized the unpayable and illegal external debts of third world countries because “it is certainly just the principle that debts must be paid.” Where would that of: forgive our debts as we …?

With regard to the persecution of sympathizers with the Theology of Liberation, Olmedo Belucheen in an excellent investigation reminds us in his article “The dilemmas of the Catholic Church after the death of John Paul II” published in the journal movement, following:

Undoubtedly the infallibility not only of the pope, but of the whole church, becomes present when subjecting and manipulating people. Name some dictatorship and you will be portrayed next to the ecclesiastical hierarchy. The worst Latin American dictatorships had the support of the Catholic Church justifying their crimes and genocides. Even Hitler had a pope, PIO XII.

How do you do it?

Today’s Christianity has more in common with the Persian, Babylonian, Egyptian, and Greek traditions than with the Hebrew ones. The Catholic religion then, is based on a series of dogmas coupled with the best cut and paste style of the electronic age and counts, with the ignorance of the people to continue submitting it ideologically. Some of the beliefs, cults, religions or gods that have been “plagiarized” to form a Christian whole are:

ll those mentioned are prior to the period of Jesus of Nazareth, for up to more than six centuries. Even more, the birthday of this began to commemorate well into the second century during the 6th of January until, in the year 345 July I, it established December 25 as the day of Jesus’ birth. How are you?

Additionally the famous books (Bible means books) remained for centuries in the hands of the Vatican, so that he suffered from many “editions” according to the convenience of the papacy of the day. So much so, that the Catholic Church is the only Christian organization that does not promote direct reading of the Bible (book whose veracity is highly debatable) but opts for indoctrination through the teaching of the catechism and mass dogmatization in the basic schools. Apparently innocuous movements such as Youth Groups, Footprints (in Venezuela), etc., are in charge of the indoctrination of adolescents that in the best of cases become caricatures of thinking adults.

Given that the Church has been associated with the factors of power since its inception, the control of the people has been facilitated, since it has always gone hand in hand with armies and rulers, as previously mentioned.

And what else does it do?

Education has also played an important role in this matter of Catholic indoctrination. Even today, in Latin America, it is a commonly-used norm that Catholic educational institutions (whether basic or university education) are characterized by serving the richer classes, future elites of leaders of the country to which they belong.