The Catholic Church: Black history, sinister present – (Part 2)

Verbigracia: Andrés Bello Catholic University, which not only joined the 2002 oil strike in Venezuela but continued to charge tuition to its students who apparently did not bother about that detail, or the school San Ignacio de Loyola (the monthly payment reaches and it even exceeds that of two Venezuelan minimum wages if complementary activities such as football are accessed). These institutions do not deal with the poorer classes as the Gospel seems to suggest.

Worse still, members of the Jesuit section of the Church who seemed to profess that of the preferential option for the poor, who supported the formation of cooperatives as an alternative to exploitation in factories, who led work with indigenous communities normally forgotten by the government, they have turned (it would be more correct to say that they have returned to their origins) right-wingers, just at the historic moment when, for the first time, a moderate leftist government has been installed in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which has made public and practice their preferential option for the poor, and in which there is even a ministry dedicated to indigenous affairs.

It is seen that if you are not a protagonist (at least in this case) it is best to prohibit and burn the film.

In Venezuela, absurdities have been reached that are assumed with a terrifying naturalness:

Lord” or “God knows why he does things”. Bullies and more hoaxes. Success is achieved only with effort and dedication accompanied by the right circumstances. Failure depends on the person as well as the environment in which he or she is obliged to live. The omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent God only exists in: 1.- The minds of those people who have not been able to develop a critical thinking attached to logical-deductive analysis, which in turn is based on knowledge accumulated by humanity and available for those who want to take advantage of them, 2.

Yes, the Church is an organization with characteristics that are strikingly similar to those of mafia organizations, a sort of thing with a black history and a sinister present.

Apparently, the Church gives to have a “rosary” of everything, from working class priests, the least; one or the other with a broad mind, very few; and the super saints of Opus Dei and the branch of conservatives, the most.

It should not be forgotten that the Church is vertical and there is a so-called vow of obedience, so that everyone usually follows the same path in this institution, and does not … (ask Ernesto Cardenal or Leonardo Boff, to mention two cases).

A matter of days the pope who in his youth belonged to the Hitler Youth (Benedict XVI for more) made the archbishop of Warsaw renounce his relationship with the Russian communists at the time of the Second World War. Nazi persecution is like that, transferred to our days with the nuances of US policy towards the rest of the world.

Bush got a new pope, as effective as the previous one, and the Church of our country has to follow the line of this one. Or, is there any doubt?

Fortunately, the Church is all, are we all?