Where does the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church come from?

The doctrine and teaching of the Roman Catholic Church is anti-Christian (antikhristos = instead of Christ and against Christ), the pope is the vicar of Christ (vicarius filii dei), according to Catholic doctrine. In the pope’s tiara, vicarius filii Dei was written. If we calculate the numerical value of the letters that make up this title, add 666. When the Roman Catholic Church noticed this, they removed the text of the tiara, but the doctrine, that the pope is the substitute of the Son of God, anyway in force. But as we have seen that the doctrine of the Catholic Church is another gospel, so the pope is against Christ with his own gospel, which is not the gospel of the Bible. The pope is both the vicar of Christ (antikhristos) and Christ (antikhristos). John wrote about many antichrists, who already had influence in the days of John, until the last antichrist comes. So the antichrist claims to be the substitute for Christ, but in reality it is against Christ.

If someone goes well the name of antichrist is the pope, if the Catholic system has been drunk with the blood of the saints. It is estimated that the Catholic Church has killed some 50 million people during its history. Chapter 17 of Revelation tells about great Babylon, which is the mother of harlots and the abominations of the earth. The harlot in the Bible always represents the practice of adultery, carnal or religious adultery. Religious adultery is idolatry instead of serving the true God. This great whore along with the beast makes war against the Lamb (Jesus) and against his saints. The harlot is a religious system, which makes war against the gospel of Jesus. From this harlot the Bible uses the name “Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and the abominations of the earth”.  The badge of this harlot goes well with the Catholic church if it is church-mother. But what does the harlot and the Catholic Church have to do with Babylon, if the name of the harlot is also Babylon the Great? Babylon, Babel means to mix. The Catholic Church is a mixture of something, because it is called Babylon the Great. For this relationship of Babylon to the Catholic Church to be clarified we have to make a short summary of the history of Babylon.

Babel or Babylon
The tower of Babel was built in the land of Sinear, when all the land spoke only one language. The goal of the Tower of Babel and the religion that surrounds it was to drag the whole world into this idolatry. After the flood the religion of Babel was the main religion of the world and it is truly the original source of the false religions that exist in the world. That is why God mixed the languages ​​of the peoples and dispersed them from there throughout the earth, so that not everyone is contaminated with this diabolic religion. The Tower of Babel was dedicated to idolatry. In the tower of Babel, religion was practiced where the sun was worshiped. Nimrod was the king of Babel and after his death his wife began to lead the religion of Babel. The Babylonians practiced astronomy with enthusiasm and they sanctified Sunday as the day of the sun (sunday) and Monday as the day of the moon and the other five days sanctified other planets. When Semiramus directed the religion of Babel she began to teach, that Nimrod had become the sun god, that is, Baal. Semiramus became pregnant and gave birth to a son, to whom he gave the name Tammus, who was worshiped as the sun god. Semiramus also began to teach, that she was a virgin.

Babel’s tower

the queen of heaven
As a result of this, Semiramis developed the cult of the mother and the child, from which the mother (Semiramis) who has a child (Tammus) is symbolized. On the head of the mother the moon was placed and on the head of the child the halo of the sun. Semiramis rose to herself in this religion of Babel as the queen of heaven and had to be prayed and worshiped as the queen of heaven, by means of whom the people were saved.

In the religion of Babel the confessionals were also in use so that they could secretly confess their sins to their priests. In the religion of Babel, the forgiveness of sins and new life (rebirth) was also received with the sprinkling of water. Also in Babel people had to repeat prayers, and to keep them in order they used rosaries in their prayers. After Tammus’s death he commanded Semiramis on December 25 as Tammus’s birthday, which was also Nimrod’s birthday. On December 25, a memorable annual day was celebrated, when there was a party, where children were drunk and sacrificed for Baal. On the 25th of December a coniferous tree rose up for Tammus, which was adorned with round balls that symbolized the sun. From Babylon, this cult of Mother and Child also spread to Egypt, where it had the name isis-Horus, where Ra was like the sun god. In Foinikia it was named Baal-Astarte. In Greece it was cultured Afrodites-Eros. In Persia, as in Rome, it had the name mithras. In Babylon a sacred reign (saint) was developed over time, where the king became an intermediary of God’s blessings beside the high priests. In the religion of Babel there was a separate council of priests that was directed by the high priest. The priests of Babel could not get married, it was forbidden for them. Make statues and images of the idols and their worship belonged to the religion of Babel.