In the year 709, the church began to kiss the feet of the pope. This custom came directly from the pagan religions.

In the year 787 the council of Nikea legalized the worship of the cross, the images and the relics.

In the year 850 a concept was instituted; The holy water, mixed with a pinch of salt and blessed by the priest. In the year 890 the adoration of San Jose began.

In the year 1079 Pope Bonifatius VII established the mandatory priestly celibacy. Also in Babel for the priests it was forbidden to marry. By the way, Apostle Peter had his wife.

In the year 1090 the rosary began to be used. In Hinduism the rosary is also used.

In the year 1184 the council of Verona established the Inquisition of the heretics.

In the year 1190 the sale of bulls and indulgences began, with which the sins in the church were forgiven.

In 1215 Pope Innocent III defined transubstantiation, in which the priest converts bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, as official doctrine.

In the year 1215 Pope Innocent III impacted the auricular confession of sins to the priest (instead of to God) at least once a year.

In the year 1220 the Pope Honorato III decreed the adoration of the host.

In the year 1229 the council of Valencia forbade the Bible of the “laity” placed it among the forbidden books.

In the year 1251 Simon Stock of England invented the scapular, which is a piece of brown cloth that is used together with the image of the Virgin Mary, because it is supposed to have supernatural powers. The use of the scapular is accompanied by promises such as the protection of eternal damnation or some other blessings. The worship of the objects entered the Roman Catholic Church.

In the year 1439 Purgatory was proclaimed as a dogma of faith by the Council of Florence.

In the year 1439 the doctrine of the seven sacraments was confirmed.

In the year 1545 the Council of Trent declared that tradition and the Bible are of equal authority. At the Council of Trent also the apocryphal (non-canonical) books were added to the Bible.

In the year 1547 the Roman Catholic Church decreed at the Council of Trent: “If anyone says, that the sacraments of the new law are not necessary, but superfluous to be saved, and that men without them, or without their desire, they reach of God by faith alone, the grace of justification, well that not all are necessary to each individual, be excommunicated. ”

In the year 1854 Pius IX promulgated the immaculate conception of Mary.

In the year 1870 the Vatican Council ensured the infallibility of the pope in matters of faith and morality.

In the year 1931 Pope Pius XI confirmed again the doctrine of the Virgin Mary as the mother of God.

In the year 1950 Pius XI proclaimed The Assumption of Mary.

In the year 1965 Mary named “Mother of the Church” by Paul VI.

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The similarities of the Babylonian religion and the doctrine of the Catholic Church
The tower of Babel was built in the land of Sinear, when there was a language in all the land. The intention of the Tower of Babel and the religion that had to see, was to get everyone to join this idolatry – The Roman Catholic Church and its chief Pope are creating through ecumenism a world church, with which I can control the whole world.

The religion of Babel sanctified Sunday as the day of the sun —– In the year 321 Constantine promulgated laws that favored weekly rest in the Latin dies solis or “day of the Sun” (Sunday).

Semiramus the queen of heaven was a virgin, and she had to pray and adore and through her came salvation —– The Roman Catholic Church has the Virgin Mary, who is the queen of heaven, who must be prayed and adored , and who is the mediator between a Catholic and Jesus.

the cult of Mother and Child
In the religion of Babel there was the cult of the Mother and the Child, represented in the paintings and images as an infant or child in the arms of his mother. Around the head of the mother, the moon and the child’s head were placed on a halo —– The Catholic Church has the statue of Mary, where Mary holds the Child Jesus in her arms.
In the religion of Babel confessed sins in secret for priests —– The Roman Catholic Church has the confessor, where the priest declares the sins forgiven the person.

In the religion of Babel also received the cleansing of their sins and the new life (rebirth) by spraying the water —– In the Roman Catholic Church also salvation has been linked to the sacrament of water baptism.

In the religion of Babel rosaries were used —– In the Roman Catholic church they are also used.

In the religion of Babel on December 25 was the birthday of the dead god —– The Roman Catholic Church established December 25 as the date of the birth of Jesus. The true date of Jesus’ birth was the September / October change.

In the religion of Babel there was a council of priests, led by the high priest —– In the Roman Catholic church the pope leads the cardinals.

In the Babel religion the priests could not marry, it was forbidden for them —– The priests of the Roman Catholic Church can not marry, they have made the promise of celibacy.

In the religion of Babel the statues and images of the false gods were worshiped —– In the Roman Catholic church the statue of Mary and the images of the saints are worshiped.